28 – 29 November 2019, Tallinn


Need to Know IX: Intelligence and major political change

The International Centre for Defence and Security, Institute of National Remembrance - Commission for the Prosecution of Crimes against the Polish Nation, the Center for Cold War Studies of the University of Southern Denmark, the King’s College London, and the Norwegian Aviation Museum hereby invite you to the 9. Conference on the history of Intelligence: Need to Know.

The Need to Know-conferences have been organized yearly, at different venues each year. The conference wish to stimulate research and discussions on the history of intelligence, with a special focus on the Cold War. To explore new information and new interpretations following the opening of archives in East and West.

Need to Know IX is hosted at International Centre for Defense and Security in Tallinn, Estonia, 28 – 29 November 2019. Deadline for paper proposals was 31 May. Based on a very strong suit of proposals, we have put together an exciting program of papers and discussions focusing on:

  • Indicators and early warning systems

  • Intelligence services ability for foresee major changes domestically

  • Intelligence services ability to predict major changes abroad

  • Plans and covert action to promote major changes

  • Intelligence failures with respect to analyze historical events

  • Intelligences services ability to adapt to a changing political environment (for instance in the 1990’s)

  • Governments’ ability to control or reconstruct intelligence organizations after political change.

Please see  Program for a detailed program. Abstracts of the papers and biographical information on the presenters, chairs and discussants will be forthcoming.

Are you a historian working with Intelligence History or topics bordering on Intelligence History? Are you a student of modern history? Are you a former military or intelligence operative? Or are you just interested in the fascinating world of Intelligence? You are welcome to participate in this year’s conference!


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Attending the conference
Attendance is free and includes lunch and coffee breaks. In order to make sure of the amount of food, please register within 8 November.
In the evening of 28 November, a Get-Together will be hosted at the museum. You are welcome to attend (cost NOK 465,-). Please register within 8 November.
Conference Dinner
In the evening of 29 November, a conference dinner will be hosted at the museum. There will also be guided tours and exciting activities. You are welcome to attend (cost NOK 900,-). Please register within 8 November.