Władysław Bułhak

(born 1965), Ph.D. in History,

2016-present – senior researcher at the Historical Research Office of the Institute of National Remembrance (IPN) in Warsaw. Co-organizer of the “Need to Know” international conferences since 2011 together with Anna Piekarska (presently deputy director of the Museum of Polish History) and Thomas W. Friis (University of Southern Denmark). A former member of the editorial board of „Pamięć i Sprawiedliwość” (bi-annually of IPN), member of the editorial board “Wywiad i kontrwywiad Polski XX w.” (Polish intelligence and counterintelligence in XXth Century, published annually). He published on Polish-Russian relations, intelligence and counter-intelligence of Polish underground during the German occupation of Poland, and Polish communist intelligence. His in depth monograph (800 pages) on the Polish communist intelligence operations against the Holy See (Vatican) in the period from 1962  to 1978 is  due to appear in autumn 2019.t

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